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Spencer LeGros

When he’s not spending all day on a shoot or in editing, he’s probably spending all day playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and eating Doritos.

Alex Hinsch

When he’s not directing or writing a script, he’s probably out walking his dog with a coffee stain on his shirt.


7m | Your Media People


Your Media People was formed four years ago when two former bandmates decided to become business partners. Alot has happened since then, but our passion for telling great stories hasn’t faded. We love the art of filmmaking, so we decided to turn the cameras around and create an auto-documentary about how this all came to be.
Frequent Collaborators

Jackie Bieringer


William Dean

Godfather of Illustration

Kristen Woods

Graphic Artist Extraordinaire

Nick Hinsch

Musician, Idea Man, Legend
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