The Briefing

GetGo Transportation approached LoudKid Films about creating a campaign to help attract new drivers to join their company. We created 3 mini-documentaries highlighting different drivers with unique and memorable stories and had them explain why they choose to drive with GetGo. The drivers featured shared how GetGo has given them the opportunity to be their own boss, set their own hours, and maximize their earning potential. They also spoke about how GetGo is a company that values its drivers and offers a friendly, family atmosphere.

A Friendly Feline

Following a divorce, Mark was feeling lonely- so he adopted Ruby to keep him company on the road.

Safety First

After his first trip almost ended in disaster, Clint has gone on to have driven over 3,000,000 miles without a ticket or an accident.

Childhood Ambitions

Ever since he was a child, Tim wanted to drive a truck. 50 years later, he is still delivering our goods across the country- one truckload at a time.

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