The Briefing

GetGo Transportation approached us with a critical challenge: attracting and hiring qualified truck drivers in a competitive market. The deficit in their driver workforce led to increased costs and delays, underscoring the urgent need for an effective recruitment strategy. Our collaboration aimed to address these critical issues, focusing on revitalizing GetGo’s appeal to attract and retain top driving talent in a highly competitive market.

The Problem

In an era where the open road calls but few are answering, the trucking industry faces a significant challenge. A critical shortage of drivers threatens the lifeblood of commerce, making every empty driver’s seat a missed opportunity for growth and service. This is where our story begins, with GetGo Transportation reaching out to us for a solution not just to fill seats, but to inspire a new generation to take the wheel.


Of all freight transported in the U.S. is moved by truck

The average truck driver logs around 125,000 miles per year, equivalent to driving around the Earth five times.

The Solution

We crafted a series of videos highlighting drivers and why they’ve chosen to ride with GetGo. Leveraged as a centerpiece in a targeted social media ad campaign, these stories became a driving force in steering countless drivers to take their place behind the wheel with GetGo.

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