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Jason Graven close up

A Letter From Home

26m | Task Force 20

Army Veteran Jason Graven explores the generational trauma from his missing father and surrendered daughter, culminating in a new family of fellow veterans who cope through physical fitness.

Chris Fountain in "when life gives you rice"

When Life Gives You Rice

9m | Chris Fountain

After losing both of his parents to illness, Chris Fountain used the lessons they instilled in him to climb the ranks at his dishwashing job- eventually leading to a career as a professional hibachi chef and sushi roller.

Chilly Rodriguez in "The Rose From The Concrete"

The Rose From The Concrete

6m | Chilly Rodriguez

Coming from a broken home in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, Chris Rodriguez’s situation was less than ideal. But throughout all of the struggles and obstacles, he’s been able to use his talents as a street artist to rise above, and not become just another statistic.

Chris Fountain in "when life gives you rice"


2m | A LoudKid Films Original

HoChan Jang in "Finding Balance"

Finding Balance

5m | Balance Pan-Asian Grille

Following his father’s death, HoChan Jang and his family moved to the United States in hopes of finding a better life. His mother provided for the family with her restaurant, and destiny had it that HoChan would do the same.

Fred and Chanell in "For The Love Of Coffee"

For The Love Of Coffee

5m | Iron Bean Coffee Company

After 16 years working on the railroad, Fred and Chanell Dedrick were ready for a change. Owning their own coffee business was always a dream of theirs, and now they’re making it a reality.

Chris Fountain in "when life gives you rice"

A Letter From Home - Dave Sims

5m | Task Force 20

Vietnam War veteran Dave Sims shares his story and discusses the impact of agent orange on his health.

Bill Hinsch painter from Toledo Ohio

What Inspires You?

2m | AAF Toledo

Bill Hinsch is a veteran artist whose inspiration hasn’t faded with the passage of time.

Nick Hinsch in "H - A Story About Heroin"

H- A Story About Heroin

6m | legrow

Addiction is something that continues to have a detrimental affect on our communities. I’m sure we can all think of someone who has lost their battle with addiction. We’ve lost family members and close friends to it. We’re hoping this project will do some good. Share it, let us know what you think, and be sure to check in on the people you love.

This is Toledo LoudKid Films

This Is Toledo

1m | Toledo

LoudKid presents THIS IS TOLEDO, a series of short documentaries that tells the stories of five everyday people who are doing extraordinary things.

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