There’s nothing like a great story.

As filmmakers, we prioritize story because it’s the most important element of the content we consume. When you play a video game, watch a movie, or read a book, what keeps you engaged? Is it the set? The typeface? The 3D models? No. The story is what keeps you engaged. We harness the power of a great story to help businesses accomplish their goals.

Humans are emotional creatures, and most of us make our buying decisions based off emotion. There’s no better way to create an emotional connection with your audience than through a great story, and there’s no better way to tell that great story than through film.


The Rose From The Concrete

Coming from a broken home in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, Chris Rodriguez’s situation was less than ideal. But throughout all of the struggles and obstacles, he’s been able to use his talents as a street artist to rise above, and not become just another statistic.

For The Love Of Coffee

After 16 years working on the railroad, Fred and Chanell Dedrick were ready for a change. Owning their own coffee business was always a dream of theirs, and now they’re making it a reality.

Finding Balance

Following his father’s death, HoChan Jang and his family moved to the United States in hopes of finding a better life. His mother provided for the family with her restaurant, and destiny had it that HoChan would do the same.


After a grueling combat tour in Afghanistan, Steve Flory’s road to recovery was a long one. When he was told he was ineligible for traditional treatment programs, he decided to fix himself; ultimately leading to a career in fitness and a passion for helping fellow veterans.

What Inspires You?

Ever since he was 5 years old, Bill Hinsch knew what he wanted to do with his life. Now in his mid-60s, he reflects on the source of inspiration that has kept him going all these years.

This Is Our City

Growing up in a city with excellent public education, safety, and a benevolent community is a privilege we still recognize today. Perrysburg holds our dearest memories and has helped shape us into the men we are today.
Welcome to the new world.

Traditional advertising is changing. Think about it. As soon as a commercial starts playing, we immediately reach for the skip button. In today’s day and age of immediate satisfaction, we don’t want our content to be interrupted with ads. Not only that, but people are literally paying money to avoid seeing advertisements. Knowing this, why invest a fortune on advertisements that people can’t wait to skip? We believe it’s a far better investment to create content that people will actually want to watch, plain and simple.

People pay billions of dollars each year to go to the movies and watch something they’re excited about. They crave engaging stories. Why not provide your audience with something similar?


Founded by filmmakers.

Your Media People is a team of award-winning original filmmakers who utilize the art of filmmaking to help businesses accomplish their goals. We take great pride in capturing the soul of a human being on film and crafting it into a piece that everybody can relate to and enjoy. 

Spencer LeGros

Spencer LeGros

Founder and Director

Alex Hinsch

Alex Hinsch

Founder and Director

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