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Blue Creek Wind Farm

6m | Avangrid

The Blue Creek wind farm in Ohio is the state’s first modern, commercial-scale wind project. Not only does the wind farm generate enough electricity to power about 76,000 homes per year, but the wind farm and the Avangrid Foundation give back to their local community.

Nancy the Hacker

5m | Mybreev

A short film about an unsuspected cyber criminal who uses the information you put online against you.

Make The Choice

4m | Mybreev

A witty kid tries to convince his parents to go green in this short musical about sustainability.

An Ode To Contrast

5m | Mybreev

A group of 8 strangers discuss the importance of diversity in our everyday lives.

Support The Buzz

3m | Perrysburg Schools

Perrysburg Schools wanted to create some buzz around their art programs. Since most of our team graduated from Perrysburg High School, the cause was close to our hearts. We were in those classes and we were encouraged to chase our dreams. A campaign centered around the students? That’s a winning formula.

Locked Out

1m | Safekey First Locksmith

When we first met with Safekey First Locksmith, they told us a lot of unbelievable stories about people losing their keys. So when they asked us to make a series of videos, we didn’t need to look far for inspiration. It’s true what they say, sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction.

Creativity Is Contagious

3m | American Advertising Federation

AAF Toledo needed an awesome intro video for the 2021 American Advertising Awards, and we were happy to oblidge.

Train/Compete Survive/Together

2m | Task Force 20

More than 20 veterans commit suicide each day. Task Force 20 is a mission to change that through physical fitness and camaraderie programs.

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